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The first participation of an Italian solar powered vehicle in the World Solar Challenge 1996 ended with the withdrawal due to a structural yielding of the posterior wheel. It was a big delusion but at the same time heightened the conviction that what had been done so far was in the right direction both with respect to the technical solutions as well as the results obtained until withdrawal.

A year after the first race the group was again at work projecting a new vehicle, bigger and more adequate for the difficult race conditions. In the meanwhile the group was enhanced with new members who would cure the operative organization including all outside contacts.

This time work proceeded (always from 8:00 pm on) without many problems. Time at disposition was enough but at the same time, before beginning the realization phase, we wanted to have acquired all sponsors that would contribute to the costs of realization and shipment to Australia.

Strengthened by prior experience, the work group began looking for sponsors that could supply the principal elements of the solar vehicle. After months of searching, the principal suppliers were found and once again we thank them. With their help it was possible to have the photovoltaic cells, the batteries, wheels and necessary equipment.

The building of the vehicle began during the spring of 1998 and all in an artisan manner begging with the aluminium frame, welded by us, to the die cast, made of polystyrene, and ending with the carbon shell, stamped with the help of a refrigerator compressor and final assembly.

The schedule was followed with only minor delays. In 1999 an unexpected invitation to participate in the Dream circuit of Suzuki in Japan arrived. It was a once in a lifetime unrepeatable chance that could not be refused.

This competition was to take place three months before the WSC, it was decide to make a great effort to participate in both of the competitions even if the time at disposition for completing and for doing the necessary trials was short. It was a great effort but crowned with success, in fact not only did FUTURA 2 participate in both competitions but was able to obtain an excellent classification considering the fact that the other participants had enormously superior economic resources with respect to the FUTURA TEAM.

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