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The energy that each of us uses everyday, comes from principally non renewable sources. In nature the principal sources of energy are: Nuclear, Hydrocarbon and Solar. Nuclear, Hydrocarbon and Solar.

Nuclear energy is an unlimited source but, without controlled nuclear fusion, we must rely on nuclear fission with conseguent danger of accidents, problems related to the disposal of radioactive waste and great problems related to decontamination after closing down a nuclear power plant. What type of inheritance will we leave to our children?

The use of fossil energy and hydrocarbons marks the onset of industrialization and the modern era. However, we must always remeber that these sources of energy are limited and destined to finish within a few decades. In the meanwhile the consequences are: an increase in earth temperatures, the greenhouse effect, pollution and the ozone hole.

Only solar energy is clean and renewable. Wind energy, Hydro power, and photovotaic enrgy are the only sources 100% clean.

We are convinced that solar energy is not enough to satisfy global needs for energy. But we are also convinced that the development of solar energy is indispensable in order to have a positive future.

Photovoltaic energy has raised much interest due to its low impact on the enviroment and its flexibility. It is principally appropriate for low level energy uses, but there are some cases of energy plants that have been built with only photovoltaic energy and that have recieved interesting results.

During the last years, along with the development of photovoltaic cells, extreme uses, like solar powered vehicles have been studied. Since 1982 Australia, infact, hosts a competion reserved to solar powered vehicles covering a total distance of 3000 km.

The idea of building a solar powered vehicle brings us back to antique dreams like those of flying of ICARO. Together with the ecosystem in which we live there is a feeling of freedom and well-being.

It was to bring to life these dreams of a small group of Italian friends, with few resources but a great desire to realize this dream, that the idea of building a solar powered vehicle came to be; the first in Italy and destined to confront itself with other vehicles from other parts of the world.

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